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25 years ago a 22 year old chiropodist started her own business in Derry. The following year she beat eight other finalists to win the 1994 Livewire Northern Ireland title. The panel of 6 judges commended Elaine's business plan and professionalism, and said they were convinced she had the necessary business acumen for long-term success. They were right. Carlisle Road Foot Care is celebrating its 25th year in business!

Newspaper clipping photo of Elaine
Newspaper article clipping

    Elaine McLaughlin, who received a trophy and cheque for £1,000, beat eight other finalists to land the 1994 Livewire Northern Ireland title, and now goes on to represent the North in the Livewire UK finals which will take place in June.

    Elaine, who trained in England for three years before becoming one of the first people to gain a B.Sc. in Podiatry (chiropody), opened her practice in Derry in December as the first full-time state registered chiropodist to practice in the city.

    The panel of six judges commended Elaine's business plan and professionalism, and said they were convinced she had the necessary business acumen for long-term success.

    The Business Start Up competition, which is now in its 11th year, offers advice and assistance to people aged between 16 and 25 who want to work for themselves.

    Joy Allen, Livewire's Northern Ireland director, said 80 entries had been received for the event.

    "The level of entries reflects the growing confidence in our young people to develop business plans and set up their own operations," she said.


THE first full-time State Registered chiropodist to practice in the city centre, has just opened her clinic at 40, Carlisle Road.


Elaine Mclaughlin, who trained in chiropody in England for three years, and is the first person in the U.K. to gain a BSc. Degree in Podiatry, is able to offer all her patients the ultimate in foot-care in the North West.


Everyone from toddlers to the elderly may at some time in their lives experience trouble with their feet, and in the event of this happening, the ailment should be treated at once, before it becomes progressively worse.


Ingrown toenails, corns, callouses, verrucae and athletes foot are just a few of the conditions that Elaine can quickly and effectively treat in her clinic.


She can also help athletes with sports injuries, foot related problems, strains and sprains and gait deformities.


In addition, Elaine has experience of working on the feet of handicapped and chronically sick people.


She is also available to visit sick and elderly people in nursing homes and to make house visits. Some elderly people who are made housebound by diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis problems, have been made mobile again after podiatry treatment.


Foot problems apparently affect more than a third of the population. “Therefore, foot care is important to ensure a healthy, active life, with feet that function normally and without discomfort,” says Elaine.




To assist local people know their feet better, and help them look after them, Elaine has compiled a checklist of eight Golden Rules of Foot Care.

*Wash your feet regularly and dry well

*Wear well-fitting shoes and socks and don’t share shoes or socks with others

*Do no ignore foot ‘warning signs’, but get expert help promptly

*Remember to cut your toenails regularly -straight across and never down the side!

*Do not use any caustic or irritating substances when you bathe your feet

*Do not treat corns, callosities or verrucae yourself - get professional help

*Do not put up with foot problems because of your age or disability - call for expert help

*Make regular use of your local State Registered Chiropodist

Deirdre Timoney, Livewire (right) and distinguished guest Annie oToo from Ghana (middle), congratulating Elaine McLaughlin, Elaine, who has opened a Chiropody Practice in Derry, won a £500 cash prize and a place in the Northern Ireland Livewire Final

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